Hello, I’m Julius Kemp.. It’s took a while to start, but I finally found my mo- jo… I’m from southeast Mo. about 75 miles south of St.Louis. I’ a hard working country boy, and have a broad range of experiences, talents, hobies, and interests. I’ hopeing to entertain, and support enthusiasm to life, and cellebration to be happy. I hope all who visits share, and enjoy the video’s, pictures, poems, stories, and much more added by myself, and tho’s o f you who would be so good as to leave an impression of there own. I would lik this to be a place to experience our diffent personnalities, interests, ideas, and individual talents. So for now I gotta get busy, and hope to blow the dust off this forgotten blog, and bring life into it immediatly.


Bio: I have many hobbies, interest's, and skill's. I love the outdoors, music, writing, and socialism. I'm in the immediate process of educating myself about computers, and internet. I'll be sending my information off the next couple days for college funding, and admittance to ITT Tech in Arnold Mo., and Mineral Area College in Park Hills Mo. I'm very enthusiastic, and excited. I am 47 years old, and full of life, and adventure. This site is to inspire, encourage, and develope a better knowledge, and hold on my capabilities, and ideas. I hope to prove a purpose that inspires, entertains, and most of all encourage good cheer, and fellowship to my readers. I welcome all positive enlightenment, and share of beauty of life. Thank you.

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